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Disabled Peoples International (DPI) is a Human rights organisation committed to the protectionof disabled people’s rights andthe promotion of their full andequal participation in society. Established in 1981, DPI is represented through active membership of national organisations ofdisabled people in over 130countries, including 29 in theEuropean region (DPI Europe). 

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We condemns all militant actions and wars !

The Role of DPI in Europe today

Statement on Peace and of People with Disabilities in Emergency Situations

We, members of Disabled Peoples’ International representing people with disabilities worldwide, condemn all activities of war and militant actions that endanger the lives of citizens. We note that people with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to death and destruction during bombardment and to on-going isolation during a war. Whether as a result of a targeted attack, genocide or as « collateral damage », the first victims are always the most destitute. 

Reports on the civilian casualties of war largely focus on the number of dead. Yet many more people are disabled as a result of bombardment, violence, exploitation and neglect. The UN Security Council’s Resolution 2475 (2019) aims to protect persons with disabilities in conflict situations “to ensure they have access to justice, basic services and unimpeded humanitarian assistance.” However, the indiscriminate nature of bombing, the increasing use of drones, and the generalised chaos during attacks on civilians render this resolution meaningless in assuring the safety of persons with disabilities. 

Armed conflict is currently causing misery in Europe, the Middle East, and in at least thirty more countries around the world. However, the economy of war casts its dark shadow on a much broader swath of the world’s most marginalised populations, who bear the brunt of state corruption, parallel economies, and the breakdown of social cohesion among citizens.

As people with disabilities, we raise our voices to affirm our collective humanity and to support all efforts to attain peace. We know that humans are all interdependent - whether in our narrow social circles, our national economies or our global community. To value life is to recognize the relationships upon which we depend, for our daily needs and for the future of our planet. We are all in this together. 

Wherever you are and whoever you are, join us in reminding others how precious life is, on all sides of our man-made divides. Demand that your representatives sit down and talk to find peaceful solutions.

Article 11 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities obliges all signatories to protect people with disabilities in emergency situations and to prioritise them in humanitarian actions. The United Nations, the European Union and the Council of Europe all emphasise that strategies to enact Article 11 must be developed in consultation with organisations of people with disabilities, who must also be involved in fulfilling these strategies. To the contrary, most countries do not include people with disabilities in their emergency plans and do not have national legislation with specific provisions targeting citizens with disabilities.

We, persons with disabilities, demand:

  • An end to all wars, replacing violence with diplomacy and sustained efforts to maintain peace through  justice and human rights
  • Inclusion of People with Disabilities in national legislation with specific provisions for their safety during emergency situations and their access to humanitarian aid
  • Involvement of Organisations of People with Disabilities and experts with disabilities in the activities related to emergency situations and humanitarian aid

DPI Europe

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Individuals and organisations joining

First signatories, 17 January 2024

Mr Jean-Luc Simon, DPI France

Ms Zara Todd, DPI UK

Mr Giampiero Griffo,  DPI Italia

Mr Shoji Nakanishi, DPI Japan

Mr Lee Young Suk, DPI Korea

Ms Dinah Radke, DPI Germany

Mr Moaffak Alkhafaji, DPI Arab

Mr Nawaf Kabbara, DPI Lebanon

Mr Mohd Abdus Sattar Dulal, DPI Bangladesh

Mr Taisuke Miyamoto, Thailand

Ms Yutta Fricke, Canada

Mr Tambo Camara, DPI Mauritatia

Ms Khalil Jahda Abou, Lebanon

24 January 2024

Participants of the UfM Euro-Mediterranean Conference on the Socio-Economic Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities 23-24 

With an emphasis on the disproportionate impact of the violence on women and girls.

The situation in the Gaza Strip is particularly difficult because the armed conflict is accompanied by a terrible humanitarian crisis due to the lack of medicines, water, food, electricity, petrol and by the displacement of a large part of the population who have no safe place to take shelter.

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