The surest way to save one’s life

Disabled people's organization and their representatives could value their important expertise with their living experiences for a more inclusive approach to ensure Human Rights of Migrants, refugees and asylum seeker with disabilities.  … read moreMaking the rights of people with disabilities known and respected has a long way to go, a way that requires patience and determination for which there is no secret, the first step is given by the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Article 4 on General obligations: “In the development and implementation of legislation and policies to implement the present Convention, and in other decision-making processes concerning issues relating to persons with disabilities, States Parties shallclosely consult with and actively involve persons with disabilities, including children with disabilities, through their representative organizations.”

Fully engaged in the implementation of Human Rights for all, DPI develops and multiplies concrete partnerships with the Organizations engaged to make those rights concrete at all levels and at all stages. Making changes at the beginning of the process is essential, but the processes of mutation that must be engaged at all levels and by all the stakeholders could not be engaged without the effective participation of people able to share their personal experiences. This is the challenge for the next century, a challenge that needs to be addressed not only by us, people with disabilities, but also by each citizen who has to understand that to defend the rights of its fellow citizens with a disability is the surest way to save one's life.

In that way,Hannan Mohamed was the DPI voice at the Lisbon Forum 2016 on Migrants with Disabilities as Human Rights

Like people with disabilities,migrants are not only beneficiaries but also participants with skills and capacities to contribute in society”.

6 avr. 2017

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