You are migrant, asylum seeker or refugee

To prepare its communication to The 13th Ministerial Session of EUR-OPA which will be held on 26 October 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal, hosted by the Portuguese Ministry of Internal Affairs, Disabled People's' International welcomes all contributions and testimonies on this matter.

If you wish to make your voice heard, please send one word, one sentence, one page, photos or videos or any kind of document to demonstrate to the participants what you consider essential to know about people with disabilities in these circumstances.

·Have you had an experience of living with disabilities as migrant, asylum seeker or refugee?


If yes, tell the most difficult barriers you faced and how you overcome it?


If no, do you feel yourself well prepared to face emergencies?


What are the best ways to host migrants with disabilities?


What migrants with disabilities need to know?


... ...

Comments and contributions received before Friday September 30th.

Send your contribution to the DPI Headquarter

25 août 2016

Disabled Peoples' International - Europe

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