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This year 2009 began with the remind that time is counted and thatwe need to support us each together to be able to pursue action that our friends can't achieve.

Two active members and good friends have recently passed away. 

Helen Kaplan died suddenly on the beginning of December during her Holiday with her husband. Helen was very active for the affirmation of the Human Rights in the field of Bioethics, and her participation to our last meeting in Paris enrich a lot the debates. She will be deeply missed not only by her husband, Robert Mandel, and her friends, but also by the many organisations she was involved with.

Bass Treffers died suddenly on the 24th of December 2008. Bass was an active and efficient leader of the disability movement, a DPI friend who was an active leader of EDF. He was expert on accessibility issues and air passengers’ rights and all European Disabled people cant thank him of its central contributions.

Hi Helen, Hi Bass, we will regret your absence for a long time and never forget what you done and we know that you are going to continue take care of us from where you arenow.

Be sure we will continue your job as well as we can.

17 janv. 2009

Dedicated to Frank Mulcahy

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