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Kalle Könkkölä

Tribute to Kalle Könkkölä

Message from Rachel Kachaje and the DPI Executives Officers

Disabled Peoples’ International is mourning one of his fathers, Kalle Könkkölä passed away on Tuesday 11th of september 2018. Our condolences to his family and to all those he has inspired.

We, Rachel Kachaje and Executive Officers, representatives of Disabled Peoples’ International, are writing to the disability community members and to all DPI members and friends to express our deep sadness after the death of one of our strong pioneers in the disability fraternity.

Kalle Könköllä was one of the early DPI member who travelled all over Europe and the world at large spreading the spirit of independence, promoting and protecting the rights of persons with disabilities. He was a talented diplomat who found the ways that brought major changes in the thousands grassroots DPOs he visited and supported. He always preached peace and unity and contributed to the strengthening of the organisation bringing visibility and that the voice of persons with disabilities be heard all over the globe.

He has left a big gap in DPI but enriched by his remarkable contribution. He will be greatly missed but always remembered by the disability community.

Kalle chaired DPI from 1993 to 1998 with the same peaceful determination. I and my friends will continue to pursue the course of promoting peace and unity in DPI just as Kalle wanted it to be.

11 sept. 2018

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